Put the quilt into the compression bag to keep warm?

Issuing time:2018-10-20 08:57

Jiangxi, China, Jiangnan Metropolis Daily reporter Hu Wei reports: Nowadays, many families like to put the winter quilt into a vacuum compression bag, which can save a lot of space, but there is a saying that the vacuum insulation of the quilt will be protected by vacuum influences. In this regard, experts say that it is necessary to distinguish according to the type of quilt. Wool is recommended to be vacuum-compressed by natural fiber quilts.

In recent times, the temperature in Nanchang has warmed up, and many housewives are preparing to collect the large quilts in winter. Many of them use vacuum compression bags for quilts. Reader Ms. Lin said that the quilts in her home were stored in vacuum compression bags, because she took out the air, occupied a small amount of land, and did not hide the ash, so she especially loved it. As for the warmth of the quilt, she told the reporter that the quilt was not so fluffy when it was first used, but the warmth did not feel any difference.

In the end, the use of vacuum compression bags will have an impact on the warmth of the quilt. The reporter consulted Ms. Tong, an expert from the Jiangxi Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau. She told reporters that this needs to be divided according to the type of quilt. One is a quilt of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and down. The quilt of these materials is not required for compression and resilience, and once vacuum is compressed, the air inside is exhausted. The resilience is relatively poor, that is to say, the air in the core is less, which has a certain influence on the degree of warmth, so it is not recommended to store after vacuum compression. The other is a seven-hole quilt, a nine-hole quilt, etc., which is inherently required for compression resilience. If a vacuum compression bag is used, the influence of warmth performance is small, and a vacuum compression bag can be used.

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