Compressed bag to look at the seal and valve

Issuing time:2018-10-16 08:55

In the season of change, vacuum compression bags, which are known as "storage artifacts", are on the market. Nowadays, the compression bag price is generally between 10 and 45 yuan. The model is different and the capacity is different. For example, the three-dimensional compression bag has a base, the capacity is large, and it can hold 15 pieces of clothes or 2 quilts; the clothes-hanging compression bag has a hanger. The clothes can be hung up; the compression-type compression bag is suitable for traveling and carrying clothes without a pump, which is convenient and quick, and can be selected according to actual conditions.

When you purchase, you should also look at the material. For example, the "PET+PE" material has better adhesion. However, this type of bag may be brittle. It is recommended that the "PA+PE" material with better flexibility and higher adhesion is not easy. Leakage and stretchability are also better.

Workmanship should not be neglected. Sealing and pumping valves are the key. Check the two positions carefully when purchasing. In addition, although a thin bag is not good, it is not preferable to be too thick, the softness is relatively poor, and the possibility of cracking after folding is relatively large.

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